Programming, i called it “ngoding”.
ngoding is a very serious sin in my surrounding.
It is like doing a sacred ceremonial whose most of my friend don’t like it.
Ok, i’m out of my mind a while, sorry.

Ngoding is very fun for me.
I like doing that.
I think I like being played by logic of program/application I write.
It is like being puzzled.
That puzzle is waiting to be solved.
So i must have a super power strength to fight for it.
When it solved, I am happy. :mrgreen:
It is a good thing to finish something that you start.
Sometimes my mood has been set up for ngoding.
Sometimes not.
So I’m a little bit moody for doing ngoding.
It has a different feeling for ngoding from scratch or continue from existing.
From scratch, i will know a lot of detail and character of what am I doing.
From existing, somehow I know but not all of the character I know.
I am fine with both of it.
I am going concern on ngoding.
Now, I still take care some ngoding project.
Ngoding needs me to write.
I value a lot of my writing.

I hope you who read this will have some enjoy moment while you do ngoding like me.
Keep fighting! 🙂

See you at the next post . .


4 pemikiran pada “Programming

  1. the good thing about coding is the happy feeling when I can solve the problem, but when I stuck or face a buggy bug.. aww.. coding is a crap! Hahaha..

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