Crab and Shrimp Pempek #sunday story

Assalamu’alaykum. Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim.

December 11th, 2011 – Unn, I wake up not so early on Sunday, I prefer to laze around on bed. It was noonday and right about time when a cooking show begin at a private TV station. I saw the chef cook Pempek, special food from Palembang Indonesia usually made with fish meat such as mackerel. Then I thought that, “Hoo, It’s kind of simple.” I would like to try to make one, “Must be awesome!” :mrgreen: A few hours later I messed up the kitchen and.. 😯

ended in a victory for making crab and shrimp Pempek. My brothers and my mom like it. yum yum…..

Ingredients sort by appearance

crab meat
mashed shrimp (throw away the head, tail and shell then smashed it)
oil (vegetable oil suggested) – 2 spoon
salt – one tea spoon
tapioca flour – twice as crab meat+shrimp
yolk – from two eggs

palm sugar – 150 gr
water – 200 ml
garlic – six pieces
chili (you can separate this from sauce) – in your taste
salt – three tea spoon
vinegar – two spoon

yellow noodle (egg noodle)
cucumber (slice it as little box-shaped)

Oil for fry

How to

Prepare water and boil it, make sure this is ready when dough is ready.
Mix crab meat and shrimp then pour water untill soaked.
Put oil and salt, mix it again.
Pour tapioca flour little by little, as soon as possible form a ball on your hand, make a hole and put yolk on it then close the hole quickly and put it on the boiled water.
Make a part of dough once again with yolk, form others without yolk like a roll and put it on the boiled water.
When the dough is floating, lift and leak through water.
Slice it at your taste.
Fry it until gold-color.

Boil water and palm sugar.
Wait until the palm sugar is soluble then put the stove off.
Filter the water from any palm sugar residue.
Pound garlic, salt, and chili until finely pounded.
Mix the filtered palm sugar, pounded garlic, and vinegar.

Boil noodle with water until the noodle cooked.

Arrange the Pempek, noodle and cucumber. Pour it with sauce. Voila!

Alhamdulillah, Pempek is done. See you at the next post :mrgreen:

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