Fried Potatoes with Fragrant Onion Sauce and Leadership #sunday story

Assalamu’alaykum.. :mrgreen:

Today is a nice Sunday. At usual, I laze around in the morning, but it is not the case for today. Mom and Dad have gone to Malang since yesterday until Tuesday next week so I have to take care my house from being a fallen ship. Mom will have a seminar on Monday and Tuesday next week while Dad have accompanied her. They also have been visiting my mother’s little brother family there. Mom’s gone means it will be self-serviced days. It is a common sense if someone is hungry then he/she must eat. I prepared food to eat by cooked.


2 large| potato
3 pieces | chili
1 piece | tomato
2 pieces | onion
1 teaspoon | salt
1 teaspoon | sugar
1 sheet | lime leaf, but usually it uses basil, stems removed
3 tablespoon | olive oil for sauce, or you can replace with oil
Oil for fry potatoes

How to

Peel and cut potatoes lengthwise direction like stick
Chop chili, tomato, onion and small fragrant citrus leaf into small pieces
Fry potatoes on heat oil until gold colored, lift and leak through
Heat oil for sauce with small fire
When the oil hot enough, put onion, chili, small fragrant citrus leaf, tomato, salt and sugar
Saute them until the onion fine cooked
Put the fried potatoes and pour it with the sauce

Serves 2

My brother, Aven, likes it. I am happy. Alhamdulillah.. 😀
I like to make a simple food. Maybe next time I’ll cook food with various spices. Ok, here’s the end of my cooking activity.

Actually, I rarely watch television at home. When I watch TV, most of it I watch news. Around 2 p.m I turned on TV, and took an interest on a show “Leaders with Character” at Metro TV. The speakers are Dahlan Iskan -Menteri Negara Badan Usaha Milik Negara (BUMN) Indonesia- and Ary Ginanjar Agustian -motivator, Founder ESQ Leadership Center.

Dahlan Iskan leads with heart -honest and sincere. He gives no command, but asks in a story form. He faces every problem in-depth with heart, not the surface only. Once in a time, someone had asked him a question and he replied, “I am not an expert on that matter, but I have firm belief that …” Uwaaa, because of that answer, I think he is a humble person. He doesn’t think that he is expert or highly competent even I personally think that he is such a great person. I conclude that Dahlan Iskan think that leadership is trust and heart.

“A leader usually becomes his/her position with the result that thyself gone.”

-Ary Ginanjar Agustian

Ary Ginanjar also conclude three points for a leader -leadership, system and value.

The host once said that one of a leadership role model is Prophet Muhammad shalallahu ‘alaihi wasallam. She said that, “Prophet Muhammad shalallahu ‘alaihi wasallam when he wanted to marry Siti Khadijah, the mahar is 100 camels. At that time, he already is a CEO.”

After that show ended, at the same station another great show came up, “Kick Andy“, with the great host, Andy F. Noya. The guest is Ramaditya Adikara -trainer and online journalist. What makes him different? He is sightless and already got Bachelor’s degree and will advance to Master’s degree. His tagline, “Reborn”, inspired by attribute of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, The All Forgiving and The Great. And also inspired by phoenix -a legendary bird which when it die it turns into dust and from that dust, a phoenix reborn. Surprisingly, he can compose music and play Suling (Flute).

“Mohon ijinkan saya untuk meninggalkan masa lalu dan terbang ke masa depan.”

-Ramaditya Adikara

The second speaker is Ciptono. It was his second appearance on that show. His first appearance was three years ago. At that time, he opened a special kid’s school in his garage. Now, he is a principal in a state-owned special kid’s school in Semarang which has 3 hectares land and 600 students.

He has a funny story. It was when he had no paycheck for a school trip and he confused how to face his wife. So, he took 250.000 rupiahs from their own money at home and put it on envelope, then he gave that envelope to his wife while said that it was his paycheck from school trip and his wife was really happy with that. Despite it was their money in first place.

“My key successes are courage and dedication.”


Yosh, I ate and watched great show today. It’s time to clean my house.
See you, readers. :mrgreen:

Would you kind to have any thought?

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