Ebi Furai #sunday story


Continued from here: Baked Perkedel with Two Kinds of Sauce #Sunday Story .. This post is the second round of my cooking activities that day..


150 grams| shrimp
1 teaspoon | salt
150 grams| wheat flour
2 | egg whites
100 grams | bread crumbs
oil for fry

How To

Clean the shrimp, remove the skin and its head, leaving the tail.
Marinate the shrimp with salt and pepper, leave a few hours (include in refrigerators, more and more pervasive marinade).
Mix the flour, pepper, salt in a separate container, mix well.
Take a shrimp, then cut off-slices (cut with a knife but not until the end).
Then coat/roll the shrimp in flour mixture until blended and then dip into egg white (do this process 3 times).
Finally, after dip into egg white then coat with bread crumbs and fry (over low heat) until golden browned.
Serve with chili sauce.

How to Cook Ebi Furai

It’s crunchy and yummy.. :mrgreen:

Shrimp is very low in total fat, yet it has a high cholesterol content (about 200 milligrams in 3.5 ounces, or 12 large boiled shrimp). Some people have avoided eating shrimp precisely because of its high cholesterol content.

– source: click me

I forgot to take a picture of mine.. 😆
Thanks to: icip2 di dapur

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