Liferay Tomcat Netbeans Windows


This task is my past task actually. But I want to share it with you all. So, how to install Liferay bundled with Tomcat on Windows so you can use it for Netbeans?


First, you need to prepare these installers:
Liferay Community Edition bundled with Tomcat here.
JDK and JRE here.
Netbeans here, it’s okay if you already installed Netbeans before hand.
Portal Pack for Netbeans here, please choose Portal Pack version based on your Netbeans version.

Let’s Get Work!

Open Netbeans IDE menu Tools > Plugins.

Open tab Downloaded, click Add Plugins button.

Browse files for Portal Pack for Netbeans.

Check all Portal Pack, then click Install button.

Click Next button to continue install.

Check agreement and click Install button to agree and continue install.

Wait while the plugins being installed.

There will be a warning about validation, just click Continue button.

Wait a second, and installation will be completed soon. Click Finish button.

You can now go to tab Services. Right-click on Servers tree, click Add Server.

Choose Liferay Portal Server, then click Next button.

Fill in necessary fields and click Next button.

Fill in necessary fields and click Finish.

Now you may start the Liferay Portal Server. Right-click on Liferay Portal Server and click Start.

You can browse it now on your localhost.

Email Address: Password: test. Try it.

At first, you will see this page. Fill in on your taste.

Yosh! You are signed in. Enjoy it.

Would you kind to have any thought?

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