Meatball Furai Sandwich #sunday story


It was around 00:10 today, I still awake and so my lil bro, Aven. I was working on my laptop then I felt hungry. Hmm, I checked the ricecooker and it was empty. Aha! we still had bread. Yosh! While I was in the kitchen, my lil bro peeked on me and said, “Mbak Fira, dua porsi.”

I made meatball furai (my own term :mrgreen:) first from a recipe here with 6 meatballs cut into slices. And cheesy chili sauce from a recipe here.


4 slices | bread
meatball furai
cheesy chili sauce
You can add mayonnaise, cheese, tomato, cucumber, pickles, or lettuce on your taste.

How To

Just like you make sandwich, stack them all. 🙂

— 4 portions

Whoa! It had the same taste as sandwich. “Enak!”, that was my lil bro had said. :mrgreen:

OK, back to work!

English I felt hungry
Indonesian – Aku lapar
Japanese – おなか (お腹) が すいた (空いた) – onaka ga suita

Indonesian Mbak Fira, dua porsi
English – Fira, two portions
Japanese – フィラ ねえちゃん (姉ちゃん)、二 りょう (量) – fira nee-san, ni ryou

Indonesian enak
English – nice, tasty, delicious
Japanese – うまい (甘い)、 おいしい (美味しい) – umai, oishii

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