JLPT N5 this December

. Agnes of Despicable Me

Assalaamu ‘alaykum warohmatulloohi wabarokaatuhu..
(Peace be upon you and the Mercy of Allah and His blessing)

This December I am going to attend JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test | 日本語能力試験 | Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken). Level? N5. Hahaha, sometimes I think this maybe laughable. Me? N5? I have learned since I was a senior high scholar, yet I still attend level N5. What am I doing all these years? :mrgreen: That’s fine.

Ah, I found a useful website for JLPT. For a specific JLPT N5, try this link –click me. As I learn Kanji, actually I have two books, Basic Kanji Book Vol.1 from Bonjinsha Co., Ltd and Nihongo: Pelajaran Pertama mengenal Kanji from The Japan Foundation, to study and website articles which I prefer these two pages:

  • Complete list of kanji for JLPT N5 –click me
  • Kanji Exercise Book for JLPT N5 –click me

I’ve got one more AWESOME and POWERFUL learning web: www.readthekanji.com

Read the Kanji

I hope you, reader, also excite with any level of JLPT or learn Japanese language. Ah, besides accessing learning resources via web. You can also learn from your handphone, smartphone, tablet or any gadget you have. Devices may help you too. For example, Obenkyou on Google Play, i think it’s really useful.

learn Japanese with Obenkyou


Agnes again, I’m sorry, she’s too cute.. >.<

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