Tom Yum and Adventure #weekend story


Safirsyifa’s Tom Yum


I supposed to post this on October 6th, 2012. But I was too lazy to edit this post, sorry for that. Now, let’s begin.  I wanted to cook and decided to cook Tom Yum because I want it again. I used my recipe here but I made it in different way and added tofu in it.

While eating, also watching TV..
and adventure is a good choice to watch. :mrgreen:

The Roam traveled all around Tokyo, Japan. They walked around fish market and ate raw shellfish. Eating raw shellfish really disgusts me. Then they tried fugu in restaurant, I mean raw fugu. You know, some fugu are poisonous, but with their cooking way, it is not. They also walked along Shibuya street and met Gyaru. They talked about how is young Japanese behavior nowadays. They also attended a ceremony held to respect Japanese God. In the ceremony, people sat on a big and long tree from a hill, and slide down from the top of the hill to the bottom around 20 meters. The tree diameter is about one meter and 16 meters long.  すごい だ!

An adventure after that is Frankincense Trail. Actually this show is in series, so there were several adventure actually. They’re tracing how incense travel in Arabian land at ancient times. In Aden, Yemen, one place that incense passed along in travel, there is a unique tribe, Zaranique, which have a unique sport, jumping camels. There is a jumper who can jump passing through 5 camels. One camel is about two-meters-tall. He won it in a tribe race. Amazing! Just re-share, click me.

Then in Saudi Arabia they talk about women. Once they came in airport, they didn’t see a single one of woman. But you may see them in other places such as market. All of the woman there use abaya in black. They talked about several islamic law there, including how a killer may be punished with death sentence and how the Muslim women usually live. Then they also met the prince. The prince is really rich. He owns several big companies. There is also a unique event held every year where he grants people’s wishes. Some people want car, the other want house, any wish in their sophistication and it’s all money. Unfortunately, the journey ended here although the plan is to Israel. Maybe in the next episode they will continue that journey. It’s really interesting I think.

Adventure inspires me

Adventure inspires me

So, today I feel like I already traveled along Thailand for its Tom Yum taste, also Japan and Arabian land, fantastic! The different is, I don’t feel tired at all. Maybe I’ll post about learning Japanese next time, see you then.. :mrgreen:
*cmiiw, in English structure and written expression*

Would you kind to have any thought?

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