What is That, Dad? It’s a Crow, Son

It's a crow!

It’s a crow!

Assalamu’alaykum warohmatulloh, Muslim readers.

Here I am, I want to share a story about parents. I hope we can get some lessons from this story.

Once upon a time, there is a father walk with his three-years-old son in the park. In the park, there is a crow in a tree.

The son asked his dad, “Dad, what’s that?”
The father said, “It’s a crow.”
The son said, “O, okay.”
The son asked him again, “Dad, what’s that?”
The father said again, “O, It’s a crow.”
Then the son asked him again, “Dad, what’s that?”
The father answered the same thing again, “It’s a crow.”
“Dad, what’s that back there?” the son still ask.
“It’s a crow, son,” the father answer.

The son asked the same thing about twenty times even they’re already at home. The father thought it’s funny. So, the father write in his journal that his son asked him 20 times about a crow. He thought that was cute.

30 years after that, the son lives in a different city now. He got his own family, own problems.

One day, the father want to come over at his son’s house for the weekend. So, the father calls his son. The son replies, “O, I’m busy this weekend. We’re going on a picnic, but okay if you have to, then fine. Do I have to pay the ticket?” Then, the father comes early at his son’s house in the morning.

“Let’s go for  a walk,” the father wants to go for a walk.
“Is there any park nearby?” the father asks his son.
“I’m.. I gotta got to work,” the son find a reason to not go for a walk.
“But it’s weekend,” the father asks if there’s any job in weekend.
“I know, but I got some other plans, but okay. Fine, let’s go.” The son reply unwillingly.
“Fine, fine. Just for five minutes,” the son finally agree.

And they go for a walk. Then, they see a crow.

The dad asked, “Son, what’s that?”
The son said with lazy tone, “It’s a crow, dad.”
The dad asked again,”Son, what’s that?”
The son answered with angry tone, “My goodness, I told you it’s a crow. I sent you glasses last month. Is the prescription running out already?” then the son asked, “What’s the matter with you? Is this funny?”
The dad still asked the same thing, “Son, what’s that?”
The son answered for the last, “I’m not talking to you anymore.”

So the father pull out a journal and said, “Son, you asked me what a crow is 20 times and I responded with a smile. You couldn’t handle three.”

This story is about temperament we may have for our parents. I hope we can learn some lessons from this story. Maybe we forget to give the best kindness to our parents, forget to be patient, forget to say a good thing, forget to help them some chores, forget to take care of them. Here’s one thing that pretty funny I think.

You clean up your room.
You’re not doing that for your parents.
That’s for yourself.
Clean up your parents room.
Take the car to the car-wash.
Go to the grocery.
Do something for them.

Ustad Nouman Ali Khan

I got this crow story from a lecture which talked about ayah 23-25 of Surat Al-Isra. You can access the lecture here.

drawing love

drawing love

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