Simple and Easy Chocolate Without-Chip Cookies

Assalamu’alaikum, muslim readers..

Early week of this month, I was trying to bake cookies. Especially chocolate flavored cookies because it is everybody’s favorite, right? I remember … when I was in senior high school, I often tried to bake cakes, such as roll tart cake and sponge cake. It is pretty tricky to bake a cake, I think. Sometimes work, sometimes not. I haven’t master it yet. So this time, I challenged myself to bake cookies that I think will have less risk, muahaha!

The first trial.. 40% failure. Edible but, the shape wasn’t really match my intention and too sweet. Wrong recipe and wrong way to bake, I think. I didn’t estimate that the cookies would expand larger.

So, for this time recipe, I only use a half portion from a recipe here with a little bit modification based on available ingredients, haha.

Let’s bake!

1/2 cup (8 tbs) | butter
3/4 cup | white sugar, refine in food processor
1 egg

Begin mix with low speed. If they already finely blend, fix up the speed one-measure higher. While I mix them with mixer, I sift these:

2 cup | all-purpose flour
1/2 cup | cocoa powder
1/4 tsp | baking soda

Heat the oven 10-15 minutes over 175-180 Celsius.

Pour the flour mixture slowly little by little with a table spoon. Adjust the speed of the mixer between low speed and one-measure higher speed.

Bake them 20-25 minutes. I use 15 minutes up-bottom heat then up heat only for the rest of time. Cool the cookies before eating.

Voila! 100% success and yummy. Alhamdulillah, my family like it, including my lil bro Aven who is actually going home for a while from his study in Bandung. Sorry to have no picture of the cookies because my bro’s camera is broken. And maybe next time I’ll have enough time to buy chocolate chips first.

Wait for me, I think I’ll reveal my experience founding Sweet Rica Rica Chicken recipe or Shrimp in Worcestershire Sauce. See you at the next post.

6 pemikiran pada “Simple and Easy Chocolate Without-Chip Cookies

  1. Aaah, sounds so yummy.. this post make me remember about chocolate you gave to me. Remember? Chocolate from your father, from Australia. Umm, I still have the pic and there’s word “Save our earth.. because this is the only one planet with chocolate..” :mrgreen:
    Waiting for your next post about Rica Rica, just give me the spicy one please.. 😀

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