A Very Simple Recipe: Shrimps in Oyster Sauce

shrimps in oyster sauce

Don’t you see? It’s written “Delicious”.

Assalamu’alaikum, muslim readers..

As I wrote in my previous post, lately I blog about my cooking experiments. Here is another simple recipe of shrimps for my family. Easy, quick and tasty. Don’t you wanna try this too? :mrgreen:

The Recipe

2 tablespoons | oyster sauce
1 tablespoon | tomato sauce
1 tablespoon | sugar
1 teaspoon | sweet soy sauce (kecap manis)

prepare a bowl
put all the above ingredients in the bowl
stir them thoroughly

2-3 tablespoons | soybean oil
3 cloves | garlic, chopped
20 | shrimps, clean them
3-4 tablespoons | water
1 bunch (about 5-6 leaves) | Napa cabbage (Chinese cabbage), chopped

heat soybean oil in a pan
put the garlic in
saute it for a while
put the shrimps in
stir until you don’t see any raw skin on the shrimps
put the sauce mixture
add water
stir them slowly
put the Napa cabbage
stir again for a while
then put off the stove


  • Use a measuring spoon to make this recipe.
  • Too much shrimp can accumulate cholesterol, be careful! not for everyday.

I hope I can post about a recipe of Rica Rica Chicken and Beef and Fried Tofu in Sweet Soy Sauce soon. I plan to post about IT too. See you later, readers.

PS: Since this blog is licensed, if you wanna use picture from this post, please link back again here. That’d be the kind of you.
Also, I’ve been set the wrong picture before. The picture before is belong to this post.

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