Cluttering & Decluttering Your Home

#Self reminder

Recently, a group listed in my LINE, discussed about cluttering (and decluttering) home. It was not a start until someone posted a link to a blog whose user had experience of konmari method of tidying up cluttered home.

I am not going to discuss the konmari here. However, I just want to share some points:

  • I believe decluttering home from something unnecessary, and over-keep, is a must. Just define your illustration of ‘unnecessary’ based on your dictionary. 😀
  • As decluttering is being highlighted, then give also cluttering some spot (to rethink).
  • Introduce a concept to your wardrobe: one-in-one-out.
    It’s better after decluttering it first. 🙂
  • Work on also for your refrigerator: cook ingredients from what will be the faster to spoil.
  • Keep low your list of footwear types: sneakers, sport shoes, running shoes, summer sandals, winter boots, non-winter boots, rain boots, etc? Think again. They will pile up on your shoe rack, for sure.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.46.36

Can you find cosmetic from the synonyms?

Jazakumullohu khoiron.

* Credit to Igor Spasic for this blog featured image. Credit to Google for the synonyms.


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