A tiny UML Review – ICONIX

It’s me on February 2012.

First, I want to apologize for my so so English.



In theory, every single aspect of the UML is potentially useful, but in practice, there never seems to be enough time to do modeling, analysis, and design. There’s always pressure from management to jump to code, to start coding prematurely because progress on software projects tends to get measured by how much code exists.

I partially agree with these. Every aspect of the UML is important as it will be useful. However, clock is ticking. To do a proper modelling and a thorough analysis seems really difficult in practice. We may have no patient and want to jump to design as fast as we can. Hah! Even though management doesn’t really want to see how many line of code we did, but they really want to see something, something in GUI and it works.

ICONIX Process lays down a simple, minimal set of steps that generally lead to pretty good results. These results have proven to be consistent and repeatable over the last 12 years.

Woot! I am not sure whether 12 years later I will still do a project including ICONIX. However, I have confidence that at least if the ICONIX process have been nicely done, it should be good for several years later. Some revisions should be easier to do.

ICONIX Process is divided into dynamic and static workflows, which are highly iterative: you might go through one iteration of the whole process for a small batch of use cases (perhaps a couple of packages’ worth, which isn’t a huge amount given that each use case is only a couple of paragraphs), all the way to source code and unit tests. For this reason, ICONIX Process is well suited to agile projects, where swift feedback is needed on such factors as the requirements, the design, and estimates.

I need to make a statement here. I can not define what exactly agile projects are, haha. Because projects I have done that considered to be agile project does not strictly follow the rules.

The domain model also provides a common vocabulary to enable clear communication among members of a project team.

I agree that we need something to understand common objects of a project. I have experienced annoying communication about understanding common objects. It made programming becomes more difficult.

when you use ICONIX Process, your goal is to produce an object-oriented design that you can code from.

For you who had learned Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), this ICONIX is pretty easy task, in my consideration. It might be beneficial for you to learn OOP. Maybe sometimes later you will be surprised that OOP help you in several programming projects.

The quoted texts are parts of this book.


Review: WordPress Plugin WooCommerce JNE Shipping Method by [gojay]

It’s me on June 2013.

Overall, this is a useful WordPress plugin. I give an AB (in a range of 71-80) for this plugin.

I personally think that this plugin may not be suitable for a common high-end customer, who knows nothing about WordPress coding. At least a beginner user who had built several WordPress websites might work. While we, Indonesian web developers who often build an online shop with woocommerce, think that we may offer only an online shop with nice display of products. I think it will be obvious that we also need to prepare a whole online shop system including payment method and shipping method. For an online shop in Indonesia, JNE is a quite popular shipping method because it offers several package options (JNE YES, OKE, REG) of goods delivery. This plugin just give us reason to offer a reliable online shop system.

Main source on GitHub: here
The author articles on his blog: final part, second part, first part

Technical environment

  1. Host: localhost
  2. PHP 5.3.1
  3. WordPress 3.5.1, download here
  4. WooCommerce 2.0.8, download here
  5. WordPress Importer 0.6.1, download here
  6. Theme: Twenty Twelve

Percentage of Success


Because it still leaves some spaces for bug.

Tron Effect [Nokia Themes]


Tron Effect | Nokia S60 5th Edition Themes

Let’s peek a little bit..

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Liferay Tomcat Netbeans Windows


This task is my past task actually. But I want to share it with you all. So, how to install Liferay bundled with Tomcat on Windows so you can use it for Netbeans?


First, you need to prepare these installers:
Liferay Community Edition bundled with Tomcat here.
JDK and JRE here.
Netbeans here, it’s okay if you already installed Netbeans before hand.
Portal Pack for Netbeans here, please choose Portal Pack version based on your Netbeans version.

Let’s Get Work!

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Programmer’s Blog

Tea Time

Assalamu’alaykum.. 😀

Hai, kyou wa puroguramingu nitsuite ohanashitai to omoimasu.
はい、今日私はプログラミングについてお話したいと思います。 :mrgreen:
Yes, today I want to talk about Programming.

As a programmer, either work in any language programming, sometimes we want to share something in our blog about programming. At this moment I want to share how to write post as a programmer. The main topic here is about how to write code.

Take a look like this.

* @author Nur Safira Assyifa
public class DrinkWater {
String message;

public Water() {
message = “Drink water at least 3 liters everyday, good for health.”;

public void drink() {


This’s a bad one. You may find this difficult to read. Baca lebih lanjut

Cara Compile Beberapa File Java di Command Prompt

several strawberries


Setelah ada post Cara Compile dan Run File Java di Command Prompt, ada yang nanya tentang bagaimana kalo compile tidak hanya 1 file, tapi beberapa file java. Akhirnya saya putuskan untuk membuat post baru ini, daripada menjawabnya di bagian komen karena cukup panjang. :mrgreen: Semoga bermanfaat..

Akan saya review sebentar mengenai perintah (command) javac yang notabene digunakan untuk melakukan compile file java.

javac [ options ] [ sourcefiles ] [ @files ]

Nah, options yang mungkin akan digunakan untuk compile beberapa file adalah -sourcepath

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Faster Programming and Reverse Engineering

Little things mean a lot

Little things mean a lot

Assalamu’alaykum.. :mrgreen:

This morning, Surabaya’s sky looks pretty clear, but maybe will be cloudy sooner or later.. Ok, because of my work recently, I would like to share some tips to code in Netbeans.. Actually, there’s so many tips to code in Netbeans, you can explore more and you may comment this post to share that.. Baca lebih lanjut