Review: WordPress Plugin WooCommerce JNE Shipping Method by [gojay]

It’s me on June 2013.

Overall, this is a useful WordPress plugin. I give an AB (in a range of 71-80) for this plugin.

I personally think that this plugin may not be suitable for a common high-end customer, who knows nothing about WordPress coding. At least a beginner user who had built several WordPress websites might work. While we, Indonesian web developers who often build an online shop with woocommerce, think that we may offer only an online shop with nice display of products. I think it will be obvious that we also need to prepare a whole online shop system including payment method and shipping method. For an online shop in Indonesia, JNE is a quite popular shipping method because it offers several package options (JNE YES, OKE, REG) of goods delivery. This plugin just give us reason to offer a reliable online shop system.

Main source on GitHub: here
The author articles on his blog: final part, second part, first part

Technical environment

  1. Host: localhost
  2. PHP 5.3.1
  3. WordPress 3.5.1, download here
  4. WooCommerce 2.0.8, download here
  5. WordPress Importer 0.6.1, download here
  6. Theme: Twenty Twelve

Percentage of Success


Because it still leaves some spaces for bug.

Terbangun dari Mimpi

Misalnya kita bermimpi, dalam mimpi itu kita mengendarai pesawat terbang yang begitu canggihnya sehingga kita tidak merasakan getaran sama sekali, dan pesawat itu bisa berjalan di jalan darat seperti mobil. Tentu kita bisa takjub. Namun, suatu ketika pesawat tersebut menabrak dan kita terluka.

Kemudian kita terbangun, dan memahami bahwa kejadian tadi hanyalah mimpi. Menyadari bahwa yang ‘real‘ sebenarnya ketika kita terbangun dari mimpi, sehingga misalnya kita mendapat luka di dunia ini, tentunya akan terasa ‘real‘ daripada terluka di dalam mimpi tadi. 

Dalam islam, dunia ini layaknya mimpi, dimana nanti kita akan terbangun setelah kita meninggal. Dan pada saat itu, semisal kita terluka (mendapat siksaan), tentu saja lebih terasa ‘real‘ daripada ketika kita masih dalam ‘mimpi’ di dunia.

Secuil cerita dari seseorang yang aku anggap senior, dengan sedikit gubahan.

Semoga kita dan keluarga kita selalu mengingat-Nya, selalu memohon perlindungan hanya kepada-Nya dan mendapat perlindungan-Nya saat hari akhir.

Ditulis di Yamato, Kanagawa, 26 Safar 1437 (9 Desember 2015).

Daftar belanja dalam bahasa Jepang

#post iseng ibu-ibu muda
Semoga bermanfaat.

Buri, onegaishimasu.

[bahasa Indonesia] = [tulisan dengan huruf Jepang] ([cara membaca]) [bahasa Inggris]

daging = にく・肉 (niku) meat
buah-buahan = 果物 (kudamono) fruits
sayuran = 野菜 ・やさい (yasai) vegetables
ikan = 魚・さかな (sakana) fish

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Cluttering & Decluttering Your Home

#Self reminder

Recently, a group listed in my LINE, discussed about cluttering (and decluttering) home. It was not a start until someone posted a link to a blog whose user had experience of konmari method of tidying up cluttered home.

I am not going to discuss the konmari here. However, I just want to share some points:

  • I believe decluttering home from something unnecessary, and over-keep, is a must. Just define your illustration of ‘unnecessary’ based on your dictionary. 😀
  • As decluttering is being highlighted, then give also cluttering some spot (to rethink).
  • Introduce a concept to your wardrobe: one-in-one-out.
    It’s better after decluttering it first. 🙂
  • Work on also for your refrigerator: cook ingredients from what will be the faster to spoil.
  • Keep low your list of footwear types: sneakers, sport shoes, running shoes, summer sandals, winter boots, non-winter boots, rain boots, etc? Think again. They will pile up on your shoe rack, for sure.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 12.46.36

Can you find cosmetic from the synonyms?

Jazakumullohu khoiron.

* Credit to Igor Spasic for this blog featured image. Credit to Google for the synonyms.



Monday, 5th January: the first workday in 2016. Some emails came informing omiyage people brought from their holiday; Osaka, Kobe, Gunma, and Kyoto*. Some of the omiyage taste really good I think. I want to have a simple review about it. The one that I like is rusk. Nothing haram or doubtful** in the ingredients list that I have read for these two kinds of rusk. Baca lebih lanjut

Halal restaurant in Japan – Sumiyakiya 炭やき屋

Assalamu’alaykum, Muslim readers..

Bismillah, second post about halal restaurant in Japan. As for me, a foreigner in Japan, usually we just want to try to taste another dish from another country. However, we must find restaurant that serve halal menu. Here’s one more restaurant.

Ever heard about MHalalC? They got this one fascinating halal restaurant. A lot of halal menu offered; food, drink, lunch set, and even course. Still in my to-do-list though, worth to share.

sumiyakiya halal menu

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Halal restaurant in Japan – Kappou Suruga 割烹 駿河

Assalamu’alaykum, Muslim readers.. This’ll be my first post about Halal restaurant in Japan series. I hope I won’t write long in every post. Only important information included. Restaurant or food photos won’t included, please see in the link provided (foursquare, restaurant review website, or the restaurant website). Open hours also can be accessed in the link. According to NAHA (Nippon Asia Halal Association), there is a Muslim friendly restaurant near Chiba station.

NAHA-Kappo Suruga


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