Fruits of Japan supermarket

Banana is everyone’s favorite. Available all seasons. The cheapest fruit. I will not question its benefits. I remember that I have ever bought banana which comes from Philippines and Equador. Rarely from Indonesia.

Apples. One. Three in a pack. Five in a pack. Big pack. Red. Green. Fuji. Crisp, moist, taste good. Toddler finger food.

Kiwi. I only encountered New Zealand kiwi. The gold (yellow) kiwi is sweet when you save it several days at room temperature.

Mikan (mandarin oranges) sometimes sweet and juicy, sometimes sour, sometimes dry. Samples are helpful.

Small oranges that you can eat as a whole. Yes, eat it with its orange peel. I forget the name. Only available around winter-spring? Around 1 inch for its diameter.

Sunkist are seasonal fruit here. Before summer, I remember. Good when they are raw, juiced, marmalade or in agar.

Strawberries are mostly available around winter and early spring. There are small strawberries and big strawberries. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour. Choose the red one and eat soon.

Watermelons are mostly available in summer. But you may find it in spring too. Or slightly in winter. In my opinion, always too pricey. Over ¥1000 for a small one. It’s ten times more expensive than in my hometown.

One day at this month, I bought honeydew melon (ハネデューメロン). Juicy! Eat it as it is. I recommend to wait for several days outside refrigerator.

Pineapples are sweet and sour here. Sour at my university’s cafeteria. Sweet at supermarket, haha. Not pure sweet though, a bit refreshingly sour.

Mango. Mexican mango, the one I’ve tried after almost three years stay at Japan. Truly sweet. Too expensive compared with at my country, that’s why I never had bought it before. My home (in my hometown) has one mango tree and its fruits are sweet in its harvest time.

Peaches are great. Sweet and fresh. Good for pie and cake. Available around summer.

Fig only available at its harvest time. I bought once. Buy fig on the same day you eat it.

Cherry! I bought the sour one. But I think it’s good to try, for someone who never eat raw cherry before, haha. Sugary pickled cherry.

Blueberries grow here. I bought them  at a traditional senior citizen shop and made a blueberry juice. Fresh and a little bit sour. Only available at its harvest time. Around spring and summer.

Lemons are available all the time since it’s great for cooking. Make a sauce with it. Don’t forget to put the peel too. Also nice for lemon tea. Don’t let them spoil, please.

Tomatoes. Buy big red tomatoes. Watery, juicy, delicious. Nice for sambal. Buy cherry tomatoes. Fresh and sweet. But it’s too expensive compared to my country.

And still so many more fruits sold at supermarket, local fruits and imported fruits.


Would you kind to have any thought?

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